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Become a Merchant at Pangaea Outpost Marketplace

Pangaea Outpost is located in the heart of vibrant Pacific Beach at 909 Garnet Avenue and consists of an eclectic mix of approximately 70 unique merchants within a 12,000 square foot ground floor building. 

While all merchants are responsible for providing inventory and design finishes for their own spaces, Pangaea controls the design coordination between the spaces. Spaces vary in size from approximately 30 to 400 square feet.

Merchants are responsible for a base rent and 14% commission charged on each sale. Management is responsible for all building operating costs including staffing and security. Contracts run for an initial period of 60 days and are thereafter subject to 30 days notice. Each merchant has their own vendor number and all sales reports are processed and delivered to merchants on a weekly basis. Merchants can also track their sales online. Checks are paid to each merchant for their sales (less the commission) on a monthly basis.

We are always interviewing merchants with a wide and special range of products and make every endeavor to keep the store filled with fresh and unique merchandise with minimal instances of overlapping product types. We do request that each vendor is available to come into the store at least once a week to restock the space.

It will greatly help if you have a concept outline, photographs and/or a theme for your proposed space. Spaces range in price from $100 to $3000 per month, depending upon size and location within the marketplace.

Pangaea Outpost has just launched an online marketplace, and is currently looking to fill the website with all of the art, specialty products, boutique merchandise, and world flavor we are known for.  Much like our brick and mortar stores, marketplace merchants are provided a store space to make their own.  We collect a 15% commission  that is deducted automatically at the time of customer purchase.  We do not collect a listing fee, and merchants recieve payment for sales right away. 

If you are interested in joining the Pangaea family, fill out the form below. Make sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom. You can also email photos of your products to
.  Applicants will be contacted as space becomes available.

Please direct all inquiries to the attention of:

Susan Burland
General Manager/Product Manager


Susan Bowen
Floor Supervisor/Product Manager
Jillian Schoettler
E-Commerce Coordinator/Marketing 
Liz Rogers
Product Manager


Pangaea Outpost Management