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Pangaea Outpost Online Merchant Guide

 “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.”-Laurence Sterne

 The following guide has been compiled to assist the merchant transitioning into the world of E-commerce.  We will also outline a few rules for our individual online store.

 Prohibited Products

  • fireworks
  • stolen items
  • pornographic merchandise (keep it classy)
  • travel vouchers
  • weapons and ammunition
  • drugs/medicine
  • radioactive/poisonous/explosive/dangerous chemicals

*Pangaea Outpost maintains the right to delete/block any item deemed inappropriate for sale.  

 Customer/Merchant Disputes

 Items not received

If purchased items have not been delivered within 15 days(domestic) or 25 days(international), the merchant will be required to provide the current status/tracking number to the customer or refund the purchase.If merchant refuses to communicate with the customer within 7 days of complaint, Pangaea Outpost will refund the customer from the security deposit.

 Item not as described

If the customer is not satisfied with product, the merchant will communicate with customer and give their perspective, hopefully smoothing out the problem.  If this does not work, the merchantis required to refund the customer within 7 days of last communication.  If the merchant fails to do so, Pangaea will refund the customer from the security deposit.


Copyright is the protection given to original works of authorship, pictures, logos, music, etc.  The owner of a copyright has exclusive rights to distribute and duplicate his work.  When you prepare your page, use only material (text, pictures, logo, etc.) that you have created or have been licensed to you.  Some of the merchants you buy from may provide that. To read more about copyright infringement, go to www.copyright.gov.  Be original!  Avoid trouble by just taking your own pictures.

 Create a Good Listing

 Quality Images

Use a nice background.  Models or mannequins are best for apparel and jewelry.  Multiple images are also very helpful, keep in mind that the customer would like to get a reliable idea of the product before feeling confident about purchasing.

Effective Title

Title should contain product line, color, materials used, and style.


Write an accurate description covering all the basics of the item. (color, size, weight, and material)  Be very crisp and clear.  List the most important information about the item first.  Also don’t be afraid to show a little charm! Be polite and avoid any negative words or statements, we must avoid upsetting or alienating a potential customer.  Make sure the description does justice to the item while avoiding long paragraphs and overflowing language.  Try to keep it short, sweet, accurate, and to the point.  Adding a testimonial is a great way to add a little prestige.  For example, “as seen in Vogue”, or “featured in Parenting magazine”.  Lastly, (and maybe most importantly) don’t forget to spell check!!!!


It is paramount for new vendors to offer competitive prices to attract customers.  Also, providing FREE shipping creates a psychological pull in your favor against other online stores that may not.  As a small business, any advantage is helpful!

 Get Found in a Search

Think like a customer.  Use descriptive phrases a potential customer might use to look for a specific item.  Labeling your listing with proper keywords is the most effective way to be found on all searches.  Not just on our site, but on Google as well. The easiest way to practice this is to make a list of appropriate keywords and then find a way to use them in your listing.

 Consider This Before Completing the Listing

  • Does your profile tell your story?
  • Is your location filled out?
  • Does your logo reflect your style?
  • Does your logo look good with the items listed?
  • Do you have shop policies?
  • Do you have enough inventory in your shop?
  • Do you answer all the questions a customer would have about the item?
  • Do your prices reflect the quality of the item?  Are they competitive with other stores selling the same or similar item?
  • Look at your photos in the search results, are they enticing?
  • Are you using several images to clarify the look/size of the item?

 Annual Fee

New merchants will be required to pay an annual fee of $100. Pangaea Outpost classifies a “new merchant” as having never rented space in Pacific Beach or Del Mar locations.


All merchants will be charged a 15% commission on every product sold.  The deduction will happen automatically via PayPal.

 Security Deposit

A security deposit of $100 will be collected from each merchant upon joining the website.  The deposit will cover any returns or customer disputes not attended to by the merchant in a timely manner. The deposit will be held by Pangaea Outpost for one year.  After the year has passed, and the merchant has not needed to use any of the funds for delinquent returns or disputes, the money will be returned and we will continue on a trust system.  If Pangaea Outpost has to use those funds, the merchant will have to continue on with the yearly deposit.


All items must be shipped within 48 hours of order.  Make sure the shipping materials are appropriate to the item, and that everything will arrive in one piece!  We would also like to recommend including a note encouraging the customer to go back to your shop and leave a review of the item/shopping experience.  This is free advertising for you, make the most of it!

 Be Respectful

Pangaea Outpost has invested a great deal of time and money developing our online marketplace.  This venture has been designed to generate revenue for Pangaea Outpost and our merchants.  We believe this goes without saying, but let us just clarify the hazards of soliciting business from our customers.  If a merchant attempts to contact a customer they have received through Pangaea Outpost for the purpose of selling merchandise outside the store, the merchant will be removed from the online store and or the brick and mortar store.


Each merchant will be responsible for establishing a refund policy for their shop.  It is entirely up to the merchant to have a friendly policy or more of a final sale type policy.  It is, however, necessary for Pangaea Outpost to have a structure for the handling of returns.  Once Pangaea Outpost has been made aware of the customer’s wish to return an item, the merchant will be notified via email and phone call within 24 hours of customer’srequest.  The merchant will have 48 hours to respond to Pangaea Outpost.  If the merchant fails to respond, Pangaea Outpost will refund the customer from the merchant’s security deposit.